Moisturising face scrub with fine ground volcanic rock

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Moisturising face scrub with fine ground volcanic rock .

Suitable for vegans and vegetarians.


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Unique face moisturizing peeling with fine ground volcanic rock is suitable for all skin types. The peeling formula contains an innovative combination of ground volcanic rock, botanical extracts, natural vegetable fats and vitamins that are enclosed in liposomes.

Regular use of peeling improves the structure of the skin, increases elasticity, regulates sebum secretion, improves microcirculation, smoothes and moisturizes the skin and removes dead skin cells and stimulates new growth. For exceptional moisturizing and regenerating effects, peeling can be left on the skin like a mask.

The botanical extracts of marsh-mallow, liquorice, marigold, dog rose and mongolian milkvetch show a wide range of activities:

  • They completely moisturize the skin

  • Stimulate microcirculation

  • Nourish the skin with micronutrients and vitamins

  • Sooth inflammation and irritation

  • Support healing

  • Firm and smoothen the skin

  • Regulate the secretion of sebum and reduce seborrhea

  • Stimulate the regeneration of epidermal cells

Grape seed oil and macadamia nuts prevent excessive drying, regenerate irritated skin, firming and improving its elasticity.

Botanical extracts and oils are enriched with vitamins A and E in liposome form.

How to use: After the make-up removal and thorough cleansing of the face, apply an appropriate amount of product and gently massage the skin for about 1-3 minutes. Leave on face for a few minutes to strengthen the effect.

Dermatologically tested.

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